The Simple Detox Guide

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  Something along the lines of detox = juice cleanse, right?  WRONG.   I cannot emphasize enough how ineffective long-term that juice cleanses are (at least, from my personal experience).  So, when Alexa Shirm of Simple Roots Wellness announced that she was releasing a simple guide to how to properly detox without starving yourself, I was ecstatic.  She even opens up this ebook with a page on “Detox Lies!”  Talk about great minds thinking alike, right?

This Simple Detox Guide is the basic how-to ebook for using food to remove the crap dumped on and into our bodies every from our modern world.  Shirm even delves into the lymphatic, cosmetic, and environmental toxins around and on us as well, but she does a great job of keeping it simple.  Whether you’re like me and want to know the “why” behind it all or simply want to know what to consume and avoid, this book will satisfy you.  There is also a great aesthetic to the layout of the plan that accompanies the ideas set forth very nicely.  In my opinion, the book can totally be judged by the cover.  And font choice.  And photography… which Shirm totally dominated, so the looks get an A from me!

Chai Spiced Yogurt. Photo via

Some of the big parts of this guide include a toxin-avoiding shopping guide, everyday detox hacks, substitutions for toxic foods, and tons of drink recipes to help you along the way.  In my opinion, one of the best additions to this guide is the list of the top-20 best detoxing foods.  I knew several of them , but was also surprised by a couple.  That proved to me that there is good in so many more foods than we tend to think about!  We can literally eat our way to health.  Did someone say, “eat?”  I’m so there.  Speaking of which, the food recipes at the end of the ebook are beautifully photographed and mouth-watering to read the ingredients.  I’m talking things like Plantain Chips & Guacamole, Chai Spiced Yogurt with Warm Berry Sauce, and Egg Roll in a Bowl.  Yeah.  I know.  GET IN MY BELLY, PLS.

The ebook, which can be downloaded here, will launch in March 2016 and will run along with a full detox program that Simple Roots Wellness is hosting in April.

*Disclosure:  I receive a small compensation for these reviews.  This does not affect my honesty about the product.  Companies or authors interested in having me write about their product or book can email me at*


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