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Hey there!  My name is Allison Wojtowecz, and I’m so happy you’re here.  This started out with my measly little Instagram account under the same name (@FlabsToFitness) during the summer of 2013.  That was the year I graduated high school and made the transition to college, where I struggled with awfully low self-confidence and body image.  Determined to “find” happiness, I became interested in the health and fitness world that was unknown to me before I wanted to make a change in my life.  Let me be clear: I had worked out all through high school, but never with many results because it wasn’t a specific schedule and my eating habits were not very good.  This breakthrough in finding the nutrition side caused me to decide on a workout and eating regimen, and I began working out every day and eating far less than I should have for the amount of time I spent in the gym.  This was unintentional and I truly thought that the small portions and over-work were healthy, but by the time my first semester of college showed up I was underweight and my parents were worried for me.  I continued trying to learn about ways to be healthier and eat more at their insistence, and found “If It Fits Your Macros,” otherwise known as IIFYM.  I began counting macronutrient intake and realized just how little I had been eating before.  However, the thought of gaining any weight terrified me.  What had started out as good intentions had turned into a terrible relationship with food.  By the time the holidays rolled around, I began trying to incorporate cheat days to repair by demolished metabolism (it slows when you don’t eat enough) and stop being afraid of food.  This turned into the complete opposite problem: binging.  I quickly gained more weight than I’d had before this entire fiasco started, and finished my spring semester of college heavier than ever.

Summer 2014.  I was still on the macro track, but was determined to escape my binging issues and lean out again.  I knew I had put on muscle thanks to the extra calories I’d taken in the past semester, but you sure as heck couldn’t see them.  I stuck to my fat-cutting macros all summer and lost about half of the weight I’d gained.  As summer came to an end and the new fall semester approached, I knew I didn’t want to continue counting everything I ate.  Luckily, the book It Starts With Food happened to be on display at one of my many Barnes and Noble trips that summer.  With my bias that the authors “must be promoting veganism or something,” I bought the book and decided to give it a shot.  It turns out that they, in fact, support the Paleo diet.  I thought I knew plenty about this diet and that it was only for CrossFitters and people who just thought that eating like cavemen was somehow good, but I was so wrong.  Dallas and Melissa Hartwig had the research supporting this lifestyle nailed down and explained easily in their book, and I was shocked at how big a role food plays in overall health and many of the body’s processes.  Still a skeptic, I decided to take their challenge of completing a Whole 30 to see what all the hype was about.  It began when classes did, and allowed me to free myself from wanting to know the calories in everything I ate.  Once my 30 days were over, I was convinced.  My bloating was gone, I was stronger and had a leaner body composition than I ever had before.  I decided to stick with eating along Paleo guidelines and have not looked back.  I am extremely happy, killing it in the weight room, and loving the discovery of making foods that are as nutritious as possible.

So… present-day.

Photo credit: Cali Keating


I’m a kinesiology & acting double-major at the University of Texas at Austin, a nationally certified ACE personal trainer, and an avid workout junkie/kitchen-dweller.  Some hobbies of mine (besides the obvious) include hunting and fishing, crafting, making music, reading, and spending time with those I love.  I’m a strong Christian involved in a small group run by two of my kinesiology professors and love serving on mission trips – be they to the local food bank or across the world.  Please feel free to ask me about that part of my life, too!  I would also like to become an overall health and wellness coach while  immersing myself in the study of nutrition and how Paleo living is the basis of optimal eating.  I also believe that each person should test different food groups and macronutrient variations to see what works best for them and what allergens don’t necessarily bother them and can be consumed moderately.  This website is dedicated to positive thinking, health as a lifestyle, exercise ideas, and delicious food.  Hopefully I will be able to help others (like you) with my recipes and discoveries on this life journey!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello Allison. My name is Scott Belzer and I host a podcast and a blog called Bay Area Barbell here in San Francisco. I came across your website after you liked one of my photos on Instagram. Bay Area Barbell is all about reaching out to different people in the CrossFit, strength training, and nutrition world to hear their philosophies and life experiences. Your website is great and your story concerning your nutrition journey and faith sound very cool. I’d like to interview you via Skype if you’re interested. Please feel free to check out my website, bayareabarbell.com to see what I’m all about. I’ve done a handful of interviews with people like Michelle Tam (Nom Nom Paleo) and Dian Fu (CrossFit San Francisco, FuBarbell). My podcasts are available on my site as well as iTunes. I look forward to hearing from you.



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