Paleo Primer

Okay, so what the heck are all these weird ingredients I’m using?

First off, I’ll explain the diet they follow.  It is called the Paleo, as in “paleolithic” diet, sometimes called Primal as well.  Basically, there is substantial research that has been done in the past decade to support the hypothesis that biologically, the human body has not caught up with the agricultural revolution.  Humans have been around for millions of years, but farming just popped up a few thousand years ago in our timeline.  Our bodies have not yet adapted to the digestion of certain things, and their prevalence on our modern dinner plates has cause a massive amount of autoimmune diseases (like Celiac’s).  The agricultural diet has also recently been linked to other issues such as diabetes, seasonal allergies, and acne, with research continually working to find out if there are more connections between our diet and different modern health issues.  Basically, the reason I use these weird flour replacements and non-traditional ingredients is because they have been proven to be better for our bodies.

So again… what do you eat?

It’s pretty simple.  Let me start out with what I DON’T eat.

1.  Grains (including corn and soy)

2. Legumes (including peanuts and edamame)

3.  Dairy (with clarified butter as the exception)

I know those sound like pretty much everything the normal person eats.  But each of those food groups has been proven to have a significant and negative effect on the way our digestive system functions, causing all sorts of problems, the most prevalent of which is called Leaky Gut.  I have tested my own tolerances through several Whole30s and know for a fact that my legume tolerance is terrible.  I can handle dairy pretty well, but I still avoid it most of the time.  There is so much science behind this that I could write a book on it, but many people already have and I don’t think you clicked on this page for a novel.  So I’ll tell you what I do eat, and direct you to some great resources for those of you who are curious about the greater details involved in this diet.

What I DO eat:

Grass-fed or hunted meats and pastured eggs for protein

Fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens and roots for carbs

Healthy oils such as olive and coconut oil, nuts like cashews and almonds, and other fats such as the clarified butter (AKA “ghee”) I mentioned earlier

All of the macronutrients needed for life (protein, carbs – including fiber, and fat) are provided for me in the most nutritionally-dense way possible: with little-to-no processing of the foods I ingest, responsibly-raised meat sources, and organic produce.  This lifestyle truly makes you feel stronger and better than ever, while programming your body to burn fat WITHOUT having to count calories.

Here are those awesome references I mentioned:

It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.  I began my own Paleo transition and journey with this book’s 30-day strict Paleo trial, known as the Whole 30.

Dr. Loren Cordain first coined the term “The Paleo Diet” and brought the idea to the table.

Robb Wolf was the man who first brought the Paleo diet into the “mainstream,” if you can call it that.  His basic outline of Paleo eating is found here.

Some other great recipe references that I use often are:

Primal Palate

Stupid Easy Paleo

Against All Grain


Civilized Caveman Cooking

The Urban Poser

A Girl Worth Saving

Paleo Parents

I hope this page helps you out a little bit!


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